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Advantages of using free sound effects

Sound effects are an important part of film, video, and audio projects, helping to set the mood, build the world, and add realism. Our free sound effects collection has a wide range of options made specifically for creators at any level.

A wide range of free sound effects

In our library, you can find everything from bird and animal sounds, sound effects for ambiance, transition SFX, and more. Use them in podcasts, audiobooks, films, videos, or any other project you can think of for a professional touch.

How to use sound effects

In order to use our royalty-free sound effects as effectively as possible, follow these tips:

  • Know the effect you’re trying to create. Do you want to aim for realism by mimicking the sound of the real world as much as possible? Are you going to for comic effect? Do you want to create certain feelings and emotions? Be deliberate in your choices to make the most of the SFX you download.
  • Play around in editing. Sound effects don’t always sound good just dropped into a project with no editing at all. Play around with volume, fading, and cutting to make the SFX perfectly fit your project. 
  • Choose the right volume. Sound effects are typically louder than background music so that the audience can hear them despite their short length.


Background on sound effects

Sound effects have always been widely used in different media industries, including radio, film, television, and video games. 

What is considered to be the first ever recorded sound effect was of the clock Big Ben striking 10:30, 10:45, and 11:00 recorded in 1890. This sound effect is now in the public domain, so you can even use it for free in your own projects if you want to!

Today, sound effects are highly accessible in free SFX libraries such as this one. You can even record them on your own phone. But it’s important not to forget about this highly effective creative tool, which the BBC said in 1931 should be treated “as of equal value with speech and music.” Use them along with our free stock music and free stock footage for a professional-level project.