Advantages of using stock footage

Stock footage can be used in a variety of projects ranging from amateur video art and school projects to advertisements for small and large businesses, all the way to professional feature Hollywood films.’s free stock videos are filmed in high quality by experienced pros and can add a professional touch to any project you may be working on.

A wide range of free stock videos

We offer a diverse collection of stock footage featuring many different subjects such as people, emotions, and nature. Simply browse our library, find the stock video of your choice, download it, and add it to your project by using your favorite video editing software. It’s just as effective on a free video editing app as it is on professional-level software.

Tips for using stock footage

In order to get the most out of our stock footage assets, we recommend following these suggestions:

  • Get creative. Once you’ve downloaded it, our stock videos are as good as yours. Feel free to edit it in whatever way you like. Use your creativity and add whichever effects, filters, and edits to make your project shine.
  • Don’t forget to color grade. If you’re using our stock footage in a project with your own original footage, it may have a different color look than the video you shot on your own. We recommend playing around with color grading to try to match the look so our stock footage seamlessly blends into your project. 
  • Try creating an entire project out of stock footage. If you don’t have access to filming equipment to shoot original footage, feel free to create your entire project out of one or more of our stock videos. Make it your own and the final result will still be uniquely yours. 

The history of stock footage

You can find stock footage used in everything from the news to documentaries to Instagram ads. In fact, you probably see it on a regular basis in the media you consume and you don’t even notice!

While film and video have been around since the 1890s, stock footage didn’t begin to become popular until the advent of digital video in the mid-1980s. Stock footage companies began to offer stock footage in a variety of formats including film and VHS. Smaller stock footage libraries tended to specialize in niche topics such as extreme sports. 

In the 1990s, Mark Getty founded Getty Images and began to create and offer one of the world’s largest paid stock footage libraries that is still widely used today. However, you don’t have to pay the big bucks to get your hands on quality stock footage. Today, companies like offer free stock footage to students, beginners, and any creatives who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access high-quality stock videos for their projects.