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Advantages of choosing a music genre for your creations

Genre is an important categorization system for helping us find songs that have certain characteristics, such as specific tempos, instruments, and lyrical conventions. By searching our stock music library by genre, you’ll be able to hone in on songs that fit your project’s specific atmosphere and needs.

Different topics to discover

We offer a variety of different genres of royalty-free stock music, including free instrumental music, electronic, cinematic, royalty-free epic music, and more. Each of these genres has its own unique energy and sound to enhance your project in different ways.

Tips for using stock music

If you want to get the most out of our free stock music, we recommend following these suggestions:

  • Be careful with mixing. When you find a great song, it can be tempting to make it loud so your viewers can hear it well. But be careful with your sound levels so that your song doesn’t drown out any important dialogue or sound effects.
  • Don’t skip sound mixing. Changing the EQ and playing with sound filters can take stock music to the next level, making your project seem much more professional.
  • Play with your audience’s expectations. While sometimes the best choice for an epic movie scene is an epic song, it can also be even more impactful to subvert audience expectations by choosing the genre that is the less obvious choice.