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Advantages of choosing a music by instrument to your creations

Different instruments offer completely different vibes and emotions. For example, songs featuring a ukulele might sound cheerful and youthful, while songs based on an organ will give off a more serious, grave energy. By choosing royalty-free music by instrument, you’ll be able to hone in on the music that best fits your project’s goals and intended effect.

Different topics to discover

Browse our library to find a variety of different instruments, including royalty-free piano music, free cello music, and more. Music genres vary, and instrument types include string, brass, woodwind, percussion, and keyboards.

Tips for finding the right stock music by instrument

No matter how much musical knowledge you have, follow these tips to help you find the perfect instruments for your project.

    • Think of how you want to make your audience feel. What is the intended effect of your project? Do you want to inspire? Amuse? Creating feelings of trust? Or maybe horror?
    • Know the different qualities of each instrument. According to research…
      •  Drums tend to communicate anger, fear, or intensity
      •  The piano evokes joy or sadness
      • The marimba can evoke positivity and cheer
      • The cello feels sad, angry, or scary
      • The saxophone can also trigger sadness
  • Try out different options. Sometimes, the actual effect of a song, when paired with certain visuals, can be different than you anticipated. That’s why we recommend downloading several different options to check how they feel in the context of your actual project.