Advantages of adding a music mood to your creations

Music has a massive impact on our emotions. By choosing the right music mood for your creative projects, you can make your audience feel a specific way. This will help make your project more impactful and effective, sending the message you want your creation to send and even spurring your viewers to take action.

Different topics to discover

In this stock music library, you’ll be able to find music for a variety of different moods ranging from free happy music to royalty-free sad music to zen and chill music. The songs and sounds are perfect for any type of project, from podcasts to social media videos to films.

How to use stock music

In order to successfully create the right mood using our stock music, we recommend following these tips.

  • Think about the purpose of your project. How do you want your audience to feel? Is there any particular action you want your audience to take?
  • Consider choosing something unexpected. Sometimes, the least obvious music choice is the most effective one. For example, using a lullaby in a horror film can sometimes be the creepiest song choice.
  • Show your project to a test audience. When you’re too close to a project, it can be hard to see exactly what effect different music options are having. Before settling on a particular song, try showing it to a friend or family member and ask them how the project made them feel. This way, you’ll be able to tell whether or not you’re succeeding in creating the intended effect.